iznik art by ismail yiğit

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Iznik Art İsmail Yiğit - Ercan Çopur                When you hear for the first Sight , Tiles, Plates , Vases etc. Comes to Mind Mr İsmail YİĞİT Arts...That is true From British Museum to the Far East Countries they can know and respect his Special Products... Mr Mustafa Ercan Çopur who is the best Friend to the all around countries people who Visited His Shops In the Grandbazaar in Istanbul. His sincerity reflected to the these unique arts. For that is the Choose of the Famous people Visit His Shops first when they come to Istanbul...Because they can know absolutely there is a tile for them in this shops belongs to them.
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An art Drawn to the Stones by ismail Yiğit

Iznik Art İsmail Yiğit - Ercan Çopur                Numerous civilizations have come and gone throughout the history of mankind leaving behind their marks reflecting their power, strength, artistic imressions and capabilities.
              The more striking examples came from those civilization that were the most advanced, sophisticated and economically powerful. Iznık pottery created during the Ottoman Empire is such an example

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Absolutely Exclusive

Iznik Art İsmail Yiğit - Ercan Çopur

        Tiles, Panels, Plates, Tankarts, Vases, Bowls, Candlesticks, Carafes, Water Bottles, Ewers, Tondinos, Mosque Lamps
        Backside of the stage these unique arts including a period of time to put them in the Gallery. For them it is the choose of Famous people. Uniques Including eye-straining furter more a big toil too...
        From your Walls to the an unforgetable dinner time you can use them even you can keep them for your generations...

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Iznik Art İsmail Yiğit - Ercan Çopur
» 1996 Restoration of Sultan Abdoulmajid's Hunting Villa (380 m2 (4100 sq. ft) Nakkastepe, Istanbul, Turkey
» 1997 Restoration of Hodja Ahmad Yasevi Kulliyeh with interior wall tiles approximately 8000 pieces. Yesi, Kazakhstan



14 JULY 2015

President of The Republic of Turkey Mr Recep Tayyip Edoğan

23 October 2015

Layla al khalifa

KANSAI YAMAMOTO Barthold-Von-Ribbentrop

Mr Recep Tayyip Erdoğan President of the Republic of Turkey.

Layla al khalifa Wisited Our Unique Shop

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